Dalmatian (Blue)

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Splash a dull room with some joyous blue spots with this happy wallpaper. This iconic blue aesthetic wallpaper is as expressive as it is unique. Imperfect blue spots dart and dance across this abstract wallpaper. 

The odd shapes and pattern make this one wild geometric wallpaper. As bold a pattern you’ll find, perfect as an indie aesthetic wallpaper. The pure delight of this cute wallpaper will draw a smile with every glance. 

Indigo Design Company Stick On Wallpaper


  • Self Adhesive Removable Wallpaper – Easy to install and easy to remove, the best temporary wallpaper available.  
  • Textured Wallpaper – High quality canvas finish 
  • Durable Home Wallpaper – Won’t easily tear and can be washed without fading, unlike cheap wallpaper

Happy Wallpaper

Lift the mood of your favorite room, the carefree spots of this blue wallpaper will bring a new whimsy into your home. Add a good vibes accent wall with this abstract wallpaper.

Each blue spot is placed with little inhibition, inspiring the same carefree attitude. This indie aesthetic wallpaper is a healthy reminder that things don’t have to be perfectly in place to be beautiful.   

Blue Wallpaper

The ‘Dalmatian’ Wallpaper collection comes in four colors: Seabreeze, Ebony, Blue, & Camel

This is our most cheerful blue aesthetic wallpaper, a very bold and loud design choice. While still having enough structure to build a strong texture on your wall. The maximalist aesthetic with minimalist shapes combine for a very unique wallpaper.

The blue wallpaper aesthetic fits best with other lighter-toned interiors. This particular shade of blue fits well with both bright primary colors and sedated pastels. The clean white background will set a very neutral white balance for the room as well. 

Indigo Design Company
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Installing Panel Wallpaper 

  • Each wallpaper panel is 24 inches wide
  • The Dalmatian wallpaper pattern has a 24 inch vertical repeat

To determine the appropriate height and number of wallpaper panels, follow these easy steps: 

  1. Measure your room height and chosen wallpaper panel height
  2. Measure width in feet and divide by two, each wallpaper panel is 2 feet wide
  3. Choose number of wallpaper panels needed

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