Frequently Asked Questions

Our wallpaper works well with a large array of paints and wall finishes, including most low and zero VOC paints. On most walls, the wallpaper is removed without any damage to the paint or wall underneath. Because of the many variables that can affect wall adhesion, we cannot guarantee that removal will be damage-free. Heating up the adhesive with a blow dryer or other heat source will loosen up the adhesive and give the best results when removing.
Our wallpaper will stick best with flat and slightly textured walls, but can also work with medium textured walls. We highly recommend ordering a sample to see how it works with your specific texture and paint.
Our wallpaper works in well-ventilated areas. We do not recommend installing our wallpaper in bathrooms with poor ventilation. This wallpaper would work well in a powder room or ½ bath. High humidity on a regular basis could compromise adhesion of the wallpaper to the wall.
Yes! The higher quality paint you have, the better the wallpaper will stick. Wallpaper will also stick better to matte paints and not as well to high gloss paints.
When installed correctly, our wallpaper can last 7 years or longer. How long it lasts is dependent on the quality of your paint, how smooth your wall is, and other factors such as humidity levels and temperature.
You’ll want to schedule 2-4 hours for install depending on the size of your project and your experience level. Watch our install video and download our install guide for tips and tricks to make the install experience easier.
We don’t recommend reusing the wallpaper once it’s been removed, but it can be. If you plan to reuse the wallpaper, save your backing and avoid getting any dust or debris on the back when transferring. Keep in mind that the wallpaper is cut to size when it’s installed, so if you want to reuse the panels that could get tricky.
Our panels come in 24” widths and varying heights. Measure the height of your wall and order the panel height that is just taller than your wall. To calculate how many panels you’ll need, measure the width of the wall(s) you want to install it on in feet and divide by two, then round up! You will have excess that is cut off at the end. Because of the way the pattern repeats, you will need to act as though windows and doors are not there when calculating how many panels you’ll need. You can use any excess material as a drawer or cabinet liner, or for some other use to brighten your space.
We highly recommend purchasing a sample to see how the material works with your specific paint and wall texture. Because there are so many variables that go into how much the wallpaper will adhere to your wall, the only way to really know how it will perform is to order a sample and test it out yourself!
Our wallpaper is made of a heavy, 6 mil vinyl in a canvas texture. Our latex ink is water-based, odorless and both GreenGuard Gold Certified, and Ecologo product certified for reduced environmental impact.
We would love to help you bring your custom vision to reality. Custom orders start at $400 and go up, depending on the scope of your project. Contact us on the Contact page for more information.
Unlike many competing products, our wallpaper is both waterproof and washable. We’ve tested everything from crayon and pen to spaghetti sauce and they all come off with cleaner and a rag. Even permanent marker comes most of the way off. Mamas, we see you!
No, do not install wallpaper over a newly painted wall. Because even low VOC paint “out gases” while it cures, you must wait at least 30 days after painting to install removable wallpaper.
Our wallpaper is a removable peel and stick vinyl material in a canvas texture. In order to improve adhesion to the wall, and to make install easier, our wallpapers all have a ½” overlap on all seams. Most of the time, when our wallpaper is installed correctly, the seams almost disappear. In some cases the seams may be more obvious than in others, depending on your lighting and how well it was installed. Most people find that the seams tend to just disappear to their eye after installation.
We love working with influencers and affiliates. If you are an influencer and are interested in a collaboration, please contact us on instagram or via the contact page here on our site.
Yes! All orders over $25 ship for free to the continental United States. All other shipping will be calculated in the cart.
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We are constantly releasing new designs. Check back often to see our latest options! If you don't see what you are looking for, please send us your feedback on the contact form. We would love to hear from you.