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Give a room a classy accent with this unique wallpaper. 

The plaid design on this beige wallpaper will give a room structure and order with its’ clean straight lines. Making this one special geometric wallpaper. The classic plaid pattern is a memorable design among our vintage wallpaper collection. 

Indigo Design Company Stick On Wallpaper


  • Self Adhesive Removable Wallpaper – Easy to install and easy to remove, the best temporary wallpaper available.  
  • Textured Wallpaper – High quality canvas finish 
  • Durable Home Wallpaper – Won’t easily tear and can be washed without fading, unlike cheap wallpaper

Vintage Wallpaper

Nothing beats a classic, and this plaid pattern is a cult classic. Brining with it all the style and simplicity of your favorite plaid flannel. This simple wallpaper design is as traditional a plaid as you’ll ever see. 

The strong lines and perfect squares makes this quite the unique geometric wallpaper. Fit this vintage wallpaper with an eclectic interior design and you’ll have a room that’s both iconic and unforgettable. 

Beige Wallpaper

While plaid is a pattern dearly associated with clothing and linens, the soft color palette of our plaid design makes for a strong and subtle wallpaper. This cream wallpaper utilizes etched beige lines to create its’ vintage pattern. 

As these soft beige lines run across this simple wallpaper, they create a stable structure along the hard lines of your room. Match this unique wallpaper with some patterned throw pillows for a warm maximalist interior, or let this vintage wallpaper standout against a more muted interior. 

Indigo Design Company
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Installing Panel Wallpaper 

  • Each wallpaper panel is 24 inches wide
  • The Plaid wallpaper pattern has a 8 inch vertical repeat

To determine the appropriate height and number of wallpaper panels, follow these easy steps: 

  1. Measure your room height and chosen wallpaper panel height
  2. Measure width in feet and divide by two, each wallpaper panel is 2 feet wide
  3. Choose number of wallpaper panels needed

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