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What makes the perfect wallpaper? If you’re in it for a simple and dreamy accent wall, then Zen (Indigo) is the one for you! This highly recommended blue wallpaper adds character to your humble abode.

Not only is this blue wallpaper aesthetically pleasing, but it is also textured. This detail gives your room a quirky pop despite its simple design. Plus, its abstract patterns smoothly flow with any wall it occupies!

Indigo Design Company Stick On Wallpaper


  • Self Adhesive Removable Wallpaper – Easy to install and easy to remove, the best temporary wallpaper available.  
  • Textured Wallpaper – High quality canvas finish 
  • Durable Home Wallpaper – Won’t easily tear and can be washed without fading, unlike cheap wallpaper

Abstract Wallpaper

We understand that you’re tired of mono-colored walls. Filling a room with just one color is boring and can even impact your mood. When you place an abstract wallpaper like Zen (Indigo), it goes a long way! It’s design matches your love for unpredictability and expressive patterns.

You may not know it, but an abstract wallpaper is actually beneficial for you and everyone around you! It stimulates the part of your brain where it associates creativity and imagination. Thus, this wallpaper is ideal for artists, writers, designers, or anyone with a creative character.

Blue Wallpaper

The ‘Zen’ Wallpaper collection comes in four colors: Indigo, Ebony, Peach, & Mint.

A blue aesthetic wallpaper benefits those who need good concentration. The blue color itself emits a cool and relaxed vibe, making it ideal to attach to your study room or office space!

Besides that, Zen (Indigo) is a light shade of blue. Lighter blues reflect light, creating a feeling of space and makes a room larger than it is.

Indigo Design Company
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Return your unused home wallpaper for a full refund. We recommend ordering our room wallpaper samples to see in person how our wallpapers fit into your home.

Installing Panel Wallpaper 

  • Each wallpaper panel is 24 inches wide
  • This pattern is a mural with no repeat. The panels must be ordered together and installed in order and cannot be cut to create smaller matching panels.

To determine the appropriate height and number of wallpaper panels, follow these easy steps: 

  • Measure your room height and chosen wallpaper panel height
  • Measure width in feet and divide by two, each wallpaper panel is 2 feet wide
  • Choose number of wallpaper panels needed

Questions about installation or anything else?

    Need help ordering the right size & quantity? 
    Just chat us, or email us at hello@indigodesignco.net with the measurements of your wall.

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