Tips and Tricks for Installing Removable Wallpaper

Tips and Tricks for Installing Removable Wallpaper

You're probably here because you want to change your interior space without too large of a commitment. You might envision yourself wanting to change out your space every few years and removable wallpaper makes that possible without having to spend hours and hours removing stubborn traditional wallpaper. 

Here we will explain, step by step, just how easy and quick wallpapering can be. Gather all your necessary tools before starting. These will include a microfiber rag, spray bottle, masking tape, measuring tape, squeegee, metal scraper, bubble level, cutting blade, pencil, and screwdriver. Once your tools are complete, let the transformation begin!

Step 1. Prep your wall

Scrape any snags or bumps off the wall. Clean your wall with a plain wet rag, especially edges and corners. Do not skip this step. The next steps are much easier with two people so grab a helper!

Step 2. Draw a vertical plumb line 24.5' from the corner.

Most walls and ceilings are not straight so you may not be able to follow your wall. Getting your first panel plumb is important so take your time here. 

Step 3. Cut the top 3" of backer off and stick top of panel to your wall.

Leave a 1" overlap on your ceiling. Once the top 3" are stuck, make sure your panel drapes flatly and evenly to the wall and your pattern matches up down your plumb line or the seam without forcing it. If it doesn't, readjust until it does. It's much easier to adjust 3" than half a panel, so be precise on this step. 

Step 4. Smooth panel onto wall.

Once your panel is laying just right, peel the backer straight down a foot at a time, letting gravity do most of the work and keeping your panel close to the wall. Smooth wallpaper softly onto wall with squeegee, moving from the center of the panel out. If you lined up the panel correctly in step #3, this step should be quick and easy. If the panel is not lining up right away, stop moving down the panel and go back to step 3 until it lines up perfectly. 

Step 5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for each panel.

Panels have 1/4"- 1/2" overlap. It's normal to have small imperfections. They will likely disappear to your eye over time.

Step 6. Finish it up.

Cut off excess material around the edges, using your squeegee or another straight edge as your guide. Go back over the wall with your squeegee pushing hard to securely adhere panels, especially overlapping seems and edges.

Step 7. You did it!

The finished product is oh-so-satisfying! Enjoy your beautiful new wall.

That’s it! Installing wallpaper isn’t as complicated as it might seem if you follow these 7 tips & tricks! You can also watch the full installation guide here:

And we’d love to see how our wallpapers have become part of your home. Share the finished looks with us on our Instagram! If you have any other questions, feel free to message us. At Indigo Design Co, it is our mission to help you transform your home into your favorite place on earth.🏡