5 DIY Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Wallpaper

5 DIY Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Wallpaper

How do you imagine your walls once you've accomplished your new wallpaper installation? Stunning, right? Though often thought of as purely decorative, it actually has several practical functions. Wallpaper can hide small wall irregularities or defects, enhance or disguise architectural elements and create separate zones or moods within a room. 

In this blog, we've rounded up some common mistakes to avoid when hanging wallpaper on your own. While you may love DIY home projects, you will want your finished design to look as professional as possible.

1. Purchasing without measuring your wall. 

Measure twice, order once. Take very careful measurements of your room so that you can accurately choose the number of rolls needed for the job. When in doubt, just send us a message with your measurements and we can help you choose how much to order.

It doesn't hurt to order a little extra in case you underestimated, or you have a mishap during installation. Because of The Indigo Guarantee, you can return any unused products for a full refund within 30 days.

2. Not preparing the wall.

When it comes to hanging the wallpaper, preparation is the key. Your wall should be dry, clean, and smooth. It is important that you remove all the old cobwebs, debris, dust, and grime from your wall.

Environment is also important, ensure the room is dry and warm during and after installation for at least 24 hours.

3. Installing without proper tools.

There are certain tools you will need to use to hang wallpaper. We will send you a squeegee with your order, you'll want to make sure you have a sharp knife and good measurement tools. Check our installation guide for more details on tools.

4. Not using enough pressure.

Often people feel they're going to damage the print if they press hard during the installation. This is a mistake. If you are using a squeegee, you will not damage the print and need to press hard. After installing the panels, go back over the wall and use firm pressure. Give special attention to seams, edges, and corners, and don't be afraid to press hard! It should feel like a bit of a workout by the time you are done.

5. Hanging wallpaper in the wrong environment. 

Environment is important when hanging wallpaper. Ensure the room is dry and warm during and after installation for at least 24 hours.

Wallpaper may be hung in bathrooms, as long as the room is dry during and after installation. As long as your bathroom is well-ventilated, and the wallpaper isn't in a "splash zone", you don't have anything to worry about.


Did you consider this helpful? Tell us about your personal experience hanging your wallpaper at hello@indigodesignco.net At Indigo Design Co, it is our mission to help you transform your home into your favorite place on earth.🏡